Coach Hire Northampton

Northampton is a town in the East of London that is one of the main attractions in the east of London, many people come to visit the midlands and this is the place they visit as it is rich with attractions and beautiful scenery, but if you are in a group it is harder to travel with a lot of people, hence we provide you with coach hire in Northampton.

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There are many different places to visit near Northampton and in the near towns as well and we can provide you with tours around the area, if you hire a Coach in Northampton, or even a minibus depending on the size of the group, we provide you some of the best tours in the town, taking you to all numbers of attractions you decide on.

These coaches can not only be hired for individual tours even though we provide great tours of our own, our company also provides coaches for other touring companies if they need them, the fleet is excellent and they can choose the vehicle that is right for them,  according to the number of people and the expense limit.

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Contract Coach hires in Northampton

Northampton is full of touring companies not to mention Travel agencies that provide you accommodation as well as transportation, these companies often get themselves some vehicles but they often come short and a coach hire in Northampton in a contract is not a bad idea as it gives you a long term security.

There are many benefits of entering a contract with a transportation company and most of them revolve around the access to different vehicles, some small and some big, if you have less guests you can get a minibus and if there are more you can get a coach hire in Northampton, which is a major benefit, you don’t get restricted and have access to our fleet.

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Wedding Coach hire in Northampton

Want to make your wedding fun? Get some time in with your family before you get married? We suggest a long trip with your family to the city you’re getting married in, the long trips are always fun and you can take the way slow and visit a few attractions along the way, dispersing some tension and fear.

As weddings can be hectic, this helps you take a break before the actual ceremony and helps you connect with all your friends and family, not to mention all the people special to you, and yes, they fit in the coach as it can hold up to 55 people including all the luggage, this is one of those things you just cannot pass up on.